martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Icon Morality By Players' Point of View

The 13th Age RPG includes the concept of "Icons" of the campaign. An Icon is a NPC/Organization that has enough influence to define the setting. 13th Age includes a mechanic to make them influence the PCs abilities in the form of help and complications. Sometimes the relationship between a PC and an Icon's organization may be useful to the PC (help) and sometimes may get him/her into more problems than usual (complications)

13th Age considers three kinds of Icons:

  • Heroic Icons are the "good guys"
  • Villainous Icons are the "bad guys"
  • Ambiguous Icons are in the middle, sharing some traits with the Heroic and some with the Villainous.

13th's Age relationships between a PC and an Icon (more often, the Icon's organization) can be fleshed as desired, but mechanically it has a 1-3 points value. The relationship may be positive if the Icon/Organization opinion about the PC is good, negative if bad, conflicted if both.
In character creation there are some guidelines about limits for the relationship values that consider the PCs to be, at worst, not-bad-guys:

  • If the Icon is evil, the limit is 1 point to positive relationships, 2 to the others.
  • If the Icon is good, the limit is 1 to negative, 3 to the others
  • If the Icon is in the middle, the limit is 2 for negative, 3 to the others.

The "official" setting (and the books reminds a lot of times that it's only an example) sets the morality of the Icons and then limit the relationships, but maybe you find this idea interesting:
Make the characters with these relationship limits:

  • Negative relationship: 2 points limit
  • Other relationship: 3 points limit

Now you can use the relationships to define how the Icons are according to their PCs' perspectives.
If any PC has a 2-point negative relationship with an Icon, then the Icon is not completely good. It may be Villainous or Ambiguous.
If any PC has a 3-point conflicted or positive relationship with an Icon, then the Icon is not completely bad. It may be Villainous or Ambiguous.
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