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Fatal Imprudence

Here I combine Polti’s dramatic situations 17th (Fatal Imprudence) and 19th (Slaying of Kin Unrecognized) because in the 19th’s case it’s usually an imprudence what brings about the death of kin. In other cases it’s ignorance or madness, and that would be in Madness stories.
  • Imprudent
  • Victim OR Object lost
  • (Optional) Counselor, who opposes the imprudence
  • (Optional) Instigator, who brings about the imprudence.
Plot: the Imprudent, by neglect or ignorance, loses the Object lost or wrongs the Victim
Imprudence can mix with a lot of other kind of stories to complicate the plot. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is a Counselor to Romeo, speaking against his love to Juliet, daughter of his family's enemies.
The force of the story is that the PCs can see the imprudence of the Imprudent. Since the Imprudent is unconscious, an imprudent PC would lose that impact, so PCs should not be part of the Imprudent.


The imprudent somehow ignores the bad consequences its actions could have, not because he wouldn't care for the consequences, but because it doesn't believe there is a real risk.
Another trait of the imprudent is that it is unconscious of its own imprudence, so the PCs are not being in this Element in a Imprudence story, although their imprudence may be the reason of other kind of stories.

Victim or Object Lost

The Object can be whatever, as always: person, feelings, actual objects.

PCs as Victim

The PCs should have time to see the imprudence and react in whatever way they want to feel there was something the could have done.


A Counselor is an optional Element which tries to avoid the imprudence.

PCs as Counselor

PCs need to worry about the possible consequences of carry on the imprudence, maybe because they worry about the damage, maybe because they worry about the imprudent. If the imprudent is challenging a power above its own they should be worried about the imprudent's health; if the Imprudent is playing with the darkest magic, they may worry about what summoned demons could do to town.
The PCs need not know who is the Imprudent. While the Imprudence story is happening it can mix with an Enigma in which the PCs need to learn who the Imprudent is to stop it.


The Instigator is another optional Element which tries to being about the imprudence

PCs as Instigator

The instigator is active, not reactive, so you can't plan for that. The most you can do is to introduce the PCs to a NPC easy to manipulate, and let the PCs imagine how to use it to their ends.


A Fatal Imprudence against somebody may develop into a Pursuit, Vengeance.
If another one is blamed, then it can develop into a Remorse story.
The consequences of the Imprudence may bring Remorse or require Sacrifice to atone for.
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