lunes, 19 de octubre de 2015

Conflict with a god

This is the 31th Dramatic Situation of Polti. Elements

  • a Mortal
  • an Immortal

Plot: The Mortal and the Immortal enter a conflict
This “plot” is often not by itself, but a particular trait of a story: Rivalry between a Mortal and an Immortal, Conspiracy of Mortal against Immortal, etc. An Immortal may be in any Element the PCs are conflicted with and it qualifies for this Situation.
It could be “purely” Conflict with a God if the conflict is based in whatever the god’s morals or values are.


The Mortal is usually not against the Immortal per se, but against some particular goal, moral or whatever.

PCs as Mortal

As the Immortal is usually part of a status quo, the PCs are reacting to actions the Immortal did not target directly against the PCs and often nor even indirectly. That means your story is based in whatever way the PCs react against those actions and can not be really planned, but offered.


The Immortal does not need to be literally a god, the believers in that god fill that role perfectly and it is often the only way this plot can be in some settings (like realistic ones, in which faith is the only supporting “evidence” for the entities the faith is in)

PCs as Immortal

In this case the PCs may be the instruments of their god’s will - or believe to be so - and their actions are reacted against the Mortal.
Thus, you can’t plan this story unless you already know what the intentions of the PCs are.
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