martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

The Twin Moons

Two women! And what women they are!
Just like day and night,
as darkness and light,
so different they are, but so, oh! so beautiful they are!

The one's skin is light as birch, 
the other's is dark as fertile soil!
The one's hair is light as moonlight, 
the other's is dark as an intimate spot!

The one's eyes are bright as the spiderweb's dew, 
the other's are dark as secret lagoons!
The one's voice is clear as a the laugh of a running stream,
the other's is low and warm as bear's thick furs!

- Shouldn't we stop him? - whispered worried Astrid in her sister's ear - He's too flattering...- 
- Speak for yourself - answered Sassa in smiling whispers - I like this.

And their bodies! What could be said of their bodies?
Slender as tall trees! Firm as soft wood!
Graceful as a cat's steps, or a wolf's!
Elegant! Otherworldly! Out of the reach of your very dreams!

And powerful!
As life and death, as forest and sea!
As love, and as fear!

And in the forest they were when the star-eyed went looking for help.
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