martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Follow the light

Close your eyes.

See the forest. Tonight the mist swirls around the trees, just over the ground. A carpet of fallen leaves silence the short, doubtful steps that you take. Where's the town? The moist on the air makes it cold, and before an hour you'll be shaking, you need get to town or you may not live to see tomorrow, but which direction should you go?
Moon's full, but the tree branches divide and weaken its light, giving the mist an eerie sight. Its swirls make you think every wisp is telling the next you're there. An stupid thought, really, but that's the feeling: the whole forest will know you're there.
And then a light appears, far before you, slightly to the right. A weak, white point of light. A flashlight would have spotlight, but a candle should be orange, not that cold light... Maybe it's effect of the mist, and the moonlight. It has to be somebody who came out to look for you, guide you to the town, or at least somewhere you won't be cold, or worried and scared about dying alone in this forest. Nobody should be alone. But still...
Someone said there are ghosts in this forest. It's just a stupid story, nothing more. Ghosts of the persons who got lost and died, whose bodies where never found, and they say they light candles to guide other lost people to them, so they get other person to die there, thus stopping being alone. Forever.
It's just a silly story. That candle must be a person. You're too old to believe in ghost stories anymore. You should go to the light.

Shouldn't you?
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