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This is the 12th Dramatic Situation of Polti. There can be two sets of elements:
First possibility
  • Solicitor 
  • Adversary who is refusing
Second possibility
  • An Arbitrator 
  • Opposing Parties
First Plot: The Solicitor is at odds with the Adversary who refuses to give the Solicitor an object in the Adversary’s possession
Second Plot: The Arbitrator decides who gets an object desired by opposing Parties

As with other Dramatic Situations, the Object can be an actual object, a person, a concept or whatever the parties desire.

If taken by force or bold action this would be a story about Daring Enterprise. Instead, the object must be taken through other methods, usually eloquence, diplomacy and negotiation. This implies that something makes force an undesirable situation. In the case of a Solicitor against an Adversary may be
  • that the Solicitor doesn't know where the object is, although this could be solved as an Enigma
  • that the Adversary is too powerful to be overpowered by the Solicitor
  • that the Adversary is part of the object. To gain a woman's love despite her initial rejections would be an example of Obtaining.
If there are several opposing parties, to try to get the object by force may get the enmity or resistance of all of them.

Solicitor and Opposing Parties

They don't have the object but are trying to get it.
None have the power to claim the object for them. If the had it, then it would be a Daring Enterprise story.
The Solicitor or each Opposing Party needs to convince the Adversary/Arbitrator, in possession of the object, to give it to the Element.

PCs as Solicitor or one of the Opposing Parties

Besides getting an NPC to hire the PCs to obtain the object, this story can be planned if you already know what the PCs want.
An NPC hiring the PCs needs motives not to go by himself, to trust the abilities and honesty of the PCs and to want the object.


What can convince the Adversary/Arbitrator to give the object?

PCs as Adversary/Arbitrator

The PCs must have something that NPCs want.


If the PCs have to get the Object and they are successful others may still want it and try to get them (Daring Enterprise with the PCs as Adversary, or maybe Conspiracy with the PCs as Power)
If the PCs are Arbitrator, a NPC who didn't got the Object may still want it and be the PCs' ally, trusting them with those desires (Ambition). A denied Solicitor may consider the Arbitrator responsible and take Vengeance upon it.
While the negotiations take place, a Solicitor may plan a Daring Enterprise to get the Object whatever the Adversary/Arbitrator wants or in case it denies him.
The Object may go missing while the negotiation is taking place and the PCs need to know who took it (Enigma) or maybe they know who did and pursues it (Pursuit)
If the PCs are the adversary, by releasing the Object it could be a Sacrifice.
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