miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

The kiss

Alina stood in the moonlight, next to the gray trunk of a tree, naked by the cold winter. She huddle in her heavy cloak, the furry skin tickling her cheeks. Her heart beat strongly with the emotion of seing Pietr again, even more because, this time, it would be alone: no peasants would surprise them here, at this time of night.
There was but the slightest hint of doubt in her heart, barely fearing that he could be playing with her instead of being the corteus wooer he seemed to be, or that he could have found a prettier or easier target for his kind feelings.
And then, a soft whisper in her hear made her flinch and turn around, startled, and then burst into giggling when she saw his handsome face and mischievous smirk.
- I trust I did not make you wait for long - he said
- Oh! Don't worry. You're here, that's what's important -
- Of course I'm here - he laughed - How could I not come when you so graciously accepted my proposal -
- Oh! No, I didn't doubt it -
- Oooh! - he interrupted, playfully - We are so sure of ourselves, are we not? -
- No! I mean...! Wait. Stop playing with me - she finally said, smiling - Did you invited me - she started with feigned offense - only to make fun of me? - she ended, with a flirtatious blinking of her long eyelashes and a sure smirk.
- No, I did not. What I really wanted - he said, taking her in his arms - was this - and then, they kissed
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