jueves, 12 de febrero de 2015

The beholder

"Vladimir looked very good in his red and black garments. He received the guests with a slightly too severe face, and guide them to the great hall, where he introduced them to our parents. He was courteous in every moment, but perhaps too rigid. Maybe he should learn to be more adaptable, to loose up a bit. After the introductions were made, Father and Mother rise and greet the guests, inviting them to the main table, the Baron at Father's right, the Baroness at Mother's left. Vladimir was told to sit at the Baron's right and he did.
The conversation seemed to be ok, driven by Father, with some questions for Vladimir to take part in it. From the Baron's face, I think he thought well of my brother, but far more higher from Father"

- "Not bad, Grigore, not bad. What about the Baroness?" -
- "I... em, I did not think about her, I thought the Baron was more important" -
The stern face in Grigore's tutor was all he needed to understand he was wrong.
- "Grigore, one day, your brother will need you as your Father does me. He will have to pay attention to the person before him and to what he says and does, and how he does those. You will not have to attend to yourself, and that is what frees you to pay attention to the things your brother can not." -
- "I know, Uncle. I will do better next time" -
- "I know, kid, I know. You have time to learn, just be sure you learn a new thing every time and it will be good. Now, I have to tell your parent about the Baroness, so off you go."
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