miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Future keeps coming

Some time ago my father pointed me to this scope. I searched it on Youtube and in the first video I saw there were two comments I wish I could say they surprised me.
Both comments were in a similar tone, one of them saying something like "Don't sell it to the government, they don't deserve it" and the other saying "This should be sold to civilians ONLY" Maybe it's just a typo, maybe I just misunderstood the comment, but I do think he meant something like "We, civilians, need this kind of magic scope to become instant snipers and fight against government-puppets' tyranny"
Even now I'm biting my tongue since I really don't want to be rude, but... Oh, come on! If he's from USA he (maybe) knows they have about 400 persons for each policeman. Even if there were such "tyranny", how come the "opressed people" can't fight with a 400 to 1 advantage?

That's a side issue, anyway. The thing is, what's wrong in the police having a scope that can make easier a tight shot, and records it so it can be used in a trial to prove it was justified (or otherwise)

He and the, at least, 18 people who hit "I like it" on his comment really think policeman shouldn't have an scope that makes a new world more difficult to fail a long-range shot. Not only that, they didn't saw (or cared) about the part of the scope that records before and after the shot. They didn't even thought "Wow, by using this scope it'll be easier to sort right from wrong shots". How that's bad?

We see too often
    that underage kids have weapons and they'll shoot just as an adult;
    that every time a guy who have been imprisoned more often than not is killed by the police there are long arguments and riots because his neighbors think he was unjustly killed;
    that even in war a soldier needs to wait until somebody clearly intends to attack other soldiers to shot him and then he has to pray that no one would take the weapon and run for it, because then enemy leaders, the media, etc will claim he just killed a civilian...
We see all of this (unless we just turn a blind eye) and even the paranoid "every government-worker is against us, normal people" can't see it'll be beneficial. With this kind of scope it's not only accuracy what gets improved, but the ones who shoot indiscriminately and the ones who shoot rightly can be finally sorted out.
Or maybe that's the problem.

I just couldn't stop myself from answering something on the lines of "sure, because criminals are not civilians", but what do you think?
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