lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

Trial and Error

It is no wonder religion seems necessary for a lot of people, no wonder a lot of people say things like "you have to believe in something", because reality can be scary.

Because we are but a trial.

What each of us call "myself" is the result of a combination of DNA sequences - modified by mitochondrial DNA and a few other things - and the feedback received each day. Each hour, or second.

The color of your eyes.
The thickness of your skin.
The shape of your hands.
The shape of your lips.

How much endorphins you create.
How much serotonin.
How much dopamine.
How much oxytocin.

How easy is to anger you.
Or depress you.
Or cheer you up.
Or making you fall in love.

You started as a You(0), all of it product of DNA - yours, and your mother's, in the way of mitochondrial DNA - then you had a set of stimuli, and You(0) reacted and changed as answer, becoming You(1), and that process has kept going for as long as you have been alive.

This is another stimulus. Maybe you'll know it already, maybe you'll accept it, maybe you'll reject it.

And whatever you do, you couldn't do otherwise.

Not because of a superior power guiding you to, but because you are what and how you are, and you couldn't react in any other way outside of the hypothetical field.

So you are a trial. Me too. Anyone. Everyone.

And why should that be scary?

Because we are not cared for. No one designed us with our happiness in mind, our freedom, or intelligence of lack thereof.

In particular, no one designed us, period.

And that means we are alone, by ourselves. From each one of our viewpoints, there was nothing before, there will be nothing after, and every happy moment, or sad or angry moment has no meaning by itself, outside our own illusion about "choice".

No god cares for us. No god looks after us.

And being alone against our unknown future is scary.

We all are trials, a lot of us are errors too.
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